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About Industriens Pension

A labour market pension scheme for Industrial Employees

Industriens Pension administrates the labour market pension scheme for the employees under the Collective Bargaining Agreement for Industrial Employees.

Two parties have agreed upon the Collective Bargaining Agreement:

  1. The Confederation of Danish Industries (DI)
  2. The Central Organisation of Industrial Employees in Denmark representing seven different unions

The two parties founded Industriens Pension on 1 December 1992, and the Confederation of Danish Industries owns 35% of the share capital and the seven unions within the Central Organisation of Industrial Employees in Denmark own the remaining 65%. The share capital is DKK 125 million.

No dividends to the shareholders

According to the Articles of Association no dividends are paid to the shareholders. The parties invested to found the pension scheme, not to make a profit. This is in line with the basic idea; that all earnings should benefit members. It might be referred to as a “closed” system in which the funds are routed one way only: to members.

Welcome to Industriens Pension

Most employers pay 2/3 of the contribution to the pension scheme with the members paying the remaining 1/3 themselves, which their employer deducts from their wages. Most members have a total contribution of 12% of their wages.

Welcome to Industriens Pension (pdf)
When you stop working (pdf)

Wilkommen bei Industriens Pension

Die meisten Arbeitgeber zahlen 2/3 der Beiträge für die Rentenversicherung, die Mitglieder selbst 1/3, das vom Arbeitgeber einbehalten wird. Für die meisten Mitglieder beträgt der Gesamtbeitrag für die Rentenversicherung 12 % des Arbeitsentgelts.

Wilkommen bei Industriens Pension (pdf)

Beendigung der Tätigkeit (pdf)

Witamy w Industriens Pension!

Większość pracodawców pokrywa 2/3 składki na program emerytalny, natomiast pozostałą 1/3 płacą członkowie (kwotę tę pracodawca potrąca z wynagrodzenia). W przypadku większości członków łączna wysokość składki wynosi 12% wynagrodzenia. Witamy w Industriens Pension! (pdf)

Witamy w Industriens Pension! (pdf)   

Zakończenie pracy (pdf)