Disbursement if you move abroad

You can apply to hav your pension savings disbursed if you have moved abroad permanently.

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If you have permanently moved abroad and no longer receive earned income from Denmark, you can apply for the disbursement of your pension savings. We need documentation stating that you are no longer under an obligation to pay tax in Denmark.

Online application

You can also apply to have your pension savings disbursed on  My Page. Remember to have your NemID card handy.


Cessation of obligation to pay tax

You must attach documentation from SKAT stating that you are no longer under an obligation to pay tax in Denmark. This could be your annual statement or your preliminary assessment of income specifying when your obligation to pay tax ceases.

Medical certificate

If your lifelong pension savings exceed DKK 100,000, we need a medical certificate from your doctor. If you are in doubt about the amount of your savings, please give us a call.

Download medical certificate

You are personally responsible for contacting a general practitioner to have the certificate filled in. We cover any costs of completing the certificate, but you are responsible for sending the bill to us.

You can attach documentation and the completed medical certificate below.

Copy of your signed passport

To verify that it is you personally who is applying for the disbursement, you must attach a copy of your passport (the page with your photo, personal data and signature). You do not need to attach this if you use the self-service function on My Page.


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